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Shinosuke or Shin-chan, many people think about him that he is an obscene boy but in fact, he isn't. Shin-chan likes to tease his mother, brings about the story of his mother to tell to neighbour and does something that feel disgraceful to his parents. Some people think about this show isn't good but he is a general boy and loves his parents like the other boys. The writer of Shin-chan story wants to show a boy who is not afraid of parents or anyone.

Misae, Shin-chan's mother likes the other housewife. Although she is a very grumble and best, she loves her son so much. And now she has a daughter. Shin-chan's sister name is Himawari.

Hiroshi, Shin-chan's father and Misae's wife. He is a drunk, flirty but he loves his family.

Himawari, Shin-chan's sister. She likes gold color. She likes a thing that are gold color such as necklaces, gold, gold card, key and earring. And she likes a handsome popular. Ohho!

If I compare Shin-chan and politics, I think he likes the common people who try to reveal a secret of the authority.

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