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Sakura conquerer Taro card


Sakura is the same as other girls. One day she receives power from a ruined man and has a Koropiros (call it Kerojang) as a partner.
Ukito who is Sakura's darling. Afterwards, he is a Uae who decides to take possession of a ruin of cards.

Toya, Sakura's brother, he is a great man to do everything such as sports, cooking, music and action.

Ka-Ro-Pe Ros or Ka-Ro who made Crow Read cards, but he was cursed by cursing cards to be a little lion toy. He has his own confidence and tries hard to get the things he wants. Sakura is his helper to find the Taro cards. Ka-Ro likes to eat very much. He tries hard to have the food he wants.

Charl-Lang-Kung, a boy who came from Hong-Kong. He has relationship with Vo-Kow-Read who ereated Clow-Cards. They have magic power to quash the Taro cards. H falls in love with Sakura but, he has to find his own feeling, so poor!

"Mei-Ling" the rich girl from Hong-Kong who lives near Charl-Lang-Kung's house. She loves Charl-Lang-Kung very much and wants to marry him.
This is a quite an adventure cartoon. It is in the top 5 in Japan.

There are many good things in Sakura story. If you have read it you will know about friendship, braveness and many things. I like it.

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