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Conan greatest detective


This is a story about the high school boy Conan. He is a very clever detective and concern to the secret organization which has Gene and Vodka in pen name. Conan eats medicine from them, then he becomes to a kid. The big problem will happen, Conan is a primary boy.

Mori Run has been Conan's girlfriend who adopts Conan to her younger brother and Dr. Akasa helps Conan to find the secret organization by staying behind the successful Mori who is Run's father.

I think, Mori is a very poor man. This life is played in puppet by Conan but, he is famous like a superstar.

Some adults in the past have a detective in his heart sush as Sherlok Holmes who wears a brown suit, hat and search for the facts very clearly.

This story is not bad for the people and probably accept it. I agree in every part of this cartoon, but I disagree about some readers who look only at the picture. They should read detail every word, then they will understand it.

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