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Cinderella classic story


Once upon a time, there was a widower and his daughter named Ella. Ella is a pretty girl, has blonde hair and blue eyes. Later, her father gets married to a widow. She has two daughters named Anastasia and Drisella. After that Ella's father died and a bad behavior of the widow and her daughters appear. They are very self-fish and have some order to Ella to be a servant. She works everything in her house and has a new name, Cinderella because her body is full of dust from cleaning a charcoal burner. But she has a lot of friends.

At the palace, the king worries about his son to who is not married, then he has a celebration for the prince. In Cinderella's house , everyone is very excited to hear the news that the king invites everyone to the Prince's party. But Cinderella is teased by the widow. Cinderella doesn't go and she must make the evening-dress to her face and say "Stop crying, this magic stick will make you to be a beautiful lady with glass shoes and have a stage coach and four horses from a pumpkin and four rats, a rider and a doorman from two rats. But you must go home before midnight because this magic will disappear and everything becomes normal again. When Cinderella arrives at the party, everyone is fond of her then the prince sees and asks to dance untill midnight. The clock rings, Cinderella remembers the angel, she goes out very quickly from the party, and everything become normal. Next day, the royal attendant comes to Cinderella's house and says "Who can wear this shoe, that lady will marry with the prince." Anastasia and Drisella try to wear it but they can't.
"Can I wear it ?" said. Cinderella "Certainty" then she put on the shoes and "Unbelievable" said the royal attendant.

Cinderella goes to meet the prince. Both of them are very happy and get married in the end.

I think, many girls or many women want to be same as Cinderella. Sometimes, when the poor girl marries with the rich man, many people say"Cinderella"

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