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Pokemon is a fantasy cartoon. In fact, I don't really attend this cartoon but it is liked by children, especially Japanese. I don't know who is the writer of it, but he has a great idea to make a prominent charactor of cartoon.

Pikachu, one of Pokemons in yellow colour egg shape, has 2 horns, short legs and hands and thunder shape tail. I like Pikachu, because of his lovely habit.

Niase, the Rocket Pokemon in cat form like a normal cat. He has golden medal on his head.

Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon and he is bad Pokemon looks like a chameleon and alien in grey. He can fight and win so I think, he is the best in fighting.

I hear from someone about Pokamon is popular so the people are in a queue to watch this cartoon in a cinema for a long mile. I think, this writer very intend to make it to be a best cartoon.

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