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Monument of Bang Rachan Heroes: This is situated in Amphoe Khai Bang Rachan, 13 kms. southwest of the town on Route No. 3032. The statues refer to the villagers of Bang Rachan who bravely fought against the Burmese army in 1765 during the reign of King Ekkathat of Ayutthaya. In spite of many more troops than the villagers, the Burmese had to make eight attacks before the villagers were defeated due to their shortage of weapons.

The Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Memorial: is installed in front of the town hall erected in honour of a hero. As governor of Muang Phichai (south of Uttradit) about 200 years ago during the Thon Buri Period, the valiantly fought with Burmese evaders until one of his swords broke in two. But he prevailed over them. Hence the sobriquet "Phichai of the Broken Sword"