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 Life at Home

Rivers are an important part of life in Thailand. People travel on rivers. Thais who live in the countryside bathe and play in rivers. People also carry river water to their crops.

Thais build wooden houses near rivers. The front door usually faces the river. Most houses sit high above the ground on stilts. The poles keep the houses dry if the rivers flood.

Less than 25 percent of Thais live in cities. Bangkok is the largest city. Many klongs flow through Bangkok. Some people live in floating houses on the klong. Others live above stores or factories. These homes are called shop houses.

Thailand's weather is hot most of the year. Thais find ways to stay cool. They cook outside to keep the heat out of their homes. Businesses open early in the morning when it is cool. Many people carry wash cloths to wipe their faces.


Kristin Thoennes