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 Thai Food

Thais eat rice at most meals. People in the south like fluffy rice. People in the north prefer sticky rice. People in the north prefer sticky rice. Thais eat rice with their fingers. Rice goes well with other common Thai foods.

People in Thailand like spicy foods. They add a spicy sauce to almost every dish. Nam plaprik (NAHM PLAH PRIK) is a popular pepper sauce. People in the south enjoy curry. This combination of spices comes from India.

Many meals include Thai salad. This mixture of fresh vegetables and fruits often includes meat or seafood. Cooks carefully arrange the salad and top it with peanuts.

Thais eat many fresh fruits. Bananas, mangoes, and pineapples grow in Thailand. Some fruits that grow in Thailand's hot climate have a strong flavor. Thais often buy and sell fruits from boats on klongs. These boats are floating markets.


Kristin Thoennes