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 The City Pillar shrine

Located at the southeast corner of Sanam Luang, this graceful, temple like structure houses " Lak Muang " a stone pillar placed there by King Rama I, the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty, as the foundation stone for his new capital city of Bangkok. Lak Muang is believed by many people to have the power of granting wishes. 

The Gran Palace and Wat Phara Keao

This city landmark should be the first place on any visitor's itinerary. It is a huge compound on Na Phra Road near Sanam Luang, surrounded by high white walls and occupies an area of about a square mile. The palace,begun in 1782,consists of several building with highly decorated architectural details. The Royal chapel, Wat Phra Keao, which is in the same compound, houses the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddha image in Thailand. Photography inside the building housing the Emerald Buddha is forbidden. The complex is open doily from 8.30 am.-3.30 pm. Admission fee is 125 bath ( including tickets to the Coin Pavilion and Phra Thi Nang Vimanmek and Adhisek Dust Throne Hall)

Information from : Guide to the Bangkok and Attractions in & around Bangkok