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Welcome to Samutprakan on Tour

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Temples in Samutprakan

Wat Asokaram Located in Tambon Taiban on Sukhumvit Road, six kilometers from the city center, this temple is a center for meditation. Some monuments of worship are Phra Thutungka Chedi - a group of thirteen chedi symbolizing the thirteen regulations for pilgrimage, and Vihara Visuthithamarungsi where the ashes of Tan Ajarn Si are kept.

Wat Bang Pli Yai is located on the bank of Klong Samrong, Tambon Bang Pli Yai, 13 kilometers from Somrong Watergate. Originally known as Wat Plubpla Chaichana Songkram, it was built to commemorate the victory of... Later Luang Pho to, a huge bronze Sukhothai Period Buddha image in the attitude of Subduing Mara, with the lap width of 3 sok 1 keub, was placed in the temple.

Wat Klang Worawihan This second class royal temple of the Worawihan grade is located in Tambon Pak Nam, Muang District. It was constructed during the end of the Ayutthaya Period, being formerly known as Wat Toko Thong. In the reign of king Rama lll, the ordination hall was renovated. The gable of the hall is of stucco design, decorated by porcelain.