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province is situated at the very end of Chop Phraya River and on the northern part of Thai Gulf, popularized by the name of "Muang ( city ) Paknam ", a 29 km. distance away from Bangkok , a total area of 1,004 .The landscape is a plain with no mountains but countless canals. Some part has flooding and sea water is at its saltiest in drought season. Most of the area are farmlands and gardens with a mixture of white mangrove forest, cycad tree, mangrove,tree. nipa palm forest. Famous products are " nipa palm dessert" and "dried fish ". Samutprakan was built in the reign of Krung Sri - Ayutthaya,its ancient city is the area of pra pradang district called " Nakorn Kuenkan ": where foreign freighters are docked. Forts of the city were strongly built along the sea coastal area and later in reign of King prabudha Lerdlah Napalai (Reign 2), the King urged to buid the city of Samutprakan at the district of Paknam in B. E. 2,362, lasted for 3 years in construction. Then 6 forts were built along both sides of the river , namely pracone-chai Fort.Narai Prabsuk Fort, Prakan Fort,Prakai-Sit Fort,Nakarat Fort and Pe sua Samut Fort.

Phra Samut Chedi

Phra Samut Chedi is province significant historical site and symbolizes Samutprakan, commonly known as " Phra Chedi Klang Nam ",located in Tambol Pak Klong Bang Plakot,Phra Samut Chedi District opposite the provincial. A festival to celebrate Phra Samut Chedi is held in October every year.


Bangpoo Resort on Sukumwit Road, K.m. 37 in Taqmbol Bangpoomai, Muang District has beautiful scenery. It's the army's rehabilitation and relaxation center. It has along bridge to the resort in the sea. During the high tide,the resort looks like an island. On one side is the sea where ships running in and out of the gulf and on the other side is lush greenery of mangroves. From October to February every year, a large number of sea gulls from cold countries migrate to the resort. Tourists can enjoy the natural life of sea gulls closely. Resort looks like an island


Information from : Amazing Samutprakan book.