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The web sites showcased on this page were made by Thai Students at Sriwittayapaknam School. They are in Primary 6 and the average age is 12. The students made the web sites in pairs during their weekly internet lesson. It took about 3-4 months. The students were told to make a web site on something that interested them. The majority are in English, though a few are in Thai. There is a total of 175 pages and 870 images.

Welcome to Paknam

Nuttakorn & Thanakorn

Bangkok Guide

Chutima & Thitima

Tour Thai

Ekamon & Wanida

Tour Temple (Thai)

Natchaya & Vorapin


Artit & Siwapon

Provinces in Thailand

Juthamard & Thayawee

Thailand Guidebook

Aiemsiree & Kanjana

Ni Tan

Jittrawan & Kanokporn

Movie NK (Thai)

Piyarat & Wannaporn

Amazing Thailand

Kanista & Nuenghatai

Leisure Time

Chompoonuch & Suvida

Thailand Guide

Atinon & Patikorn

Music Delivery (Thai)

Araya & Nutchaporn

Samut Prakan

Ekdanai & Kattarin

Toon and Life

Sakol & Pawinee

London Life

Kridsana & Nutchapon

Thai Movies (Thai)

Chavalit & Teerachart


Napat & Thongchai


Tanyalak & Vilairat


Supaporn & Tanyalak

Samutprakan Tour

Orawan & Suchada