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 Charoenrat 31 Bridge

Built in 1901, in the reign of King Rama VI to commemorate his 31st birthday, this is a concrete bridge with iron bars and mortar sculptures in the shape of a tiger holding a dagger. There is an inscription of the figure "31" with the King's insignia on the bridge.

Ubonrat Bridge

Constructed as a tribute to Princess Ubonratnarinart, one of King Sama V's wives, in 1912 in the reign of King Rama VI, the bridge's original name was Saphan Huatakae or Crocodile's Head bridge. It is a concrete bridge with circles on both sides and a ceramic rail with Thai mortar sculpture.

Mon Bridge or Saphan Mon

Built in the reign of King Rama III in teak with concrete steps at both ends, this bridge was reconstructed in concrete during the reign of King Rama VI.

Saphan Chang Rong Si or Chang Rong Si Bridge

Designed by Krom Phraya Damrong Rajanuphab, the first Minister of interior, And constructed in 1910, during the reign of King Rama V, the bridge was built to celebrate the king's 4th cycle ( 48 years ) birthday.

Saphan Hok

There were wooden bridges meant only for walking on. The bridges were rebuilt based on the archive photographs and renamed Saphan Mai Hok Vilanda. There were four of them in the reigns of Kings Rama IV and V, in front of Interior, across the city moat, behind the Ministry of Defense. The ministry was rebuilt to the side of Sai Panya's Palace and across Khlong Bangkok Yai.

Charoen Siri Bridge 34 or Saphan Charoen Siri 34

Another concrete bridge with four cement columns decorated with weste.

Phan PhipLila Bridge or Saphan Phan Phiphop

Built in 1906 in the reign of King Rama V.